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About us : Two french brothers (21 and 23 years old) having fun here on AT since November 2012.
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Wow... 200 followers...We're here since November 2012 and we kinda begin to know AT's landscape by heart... Many audiotoolers helped us across the long road to this level, and we would like to thank them (especially @Uprising , @naut , @zignabah , @CallyKay , @SouthBronxDen , @tornsage , @Flying Baby Seal , @armandoAP (break) , ...)... They always gave us inspiration and always took the time to listen to our tracks to give feedback (always appreciated)... Also cheers to all of you guys, all of you tailmf's followers, you rock.
With love, Tailmf.
Electro-house collab with Zignabah, TEGM and Control Voltage: @Rail Thirteen

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