Society kills the soul

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  • Just f'n amazing...

  • Thanks to all!! :)

  • Np. I can't help but love it! :D

  • Wow. half an hour of pure epicness.

    I CAN'T WITHSTAND IT! *Smashes speakers with sledgehammer*

    Oh, wait. It is still awesome.

  • Brilliant! Yes, society can kill the soul. Just awesome.

  • Your music, it renders me speechless G1m8 :)

  • potentemente buio!

  • amazing work my friend - intense feeling and mood in this one !!

  • BTF.

  • Perfect stuff here ! Damn good !

  • Featuring perso on my wall !

  • Troviamo quella profondit√†. Questo in mente, queste ripetizioni ipnotici. Questa traccia √® "caldo" come una sera d'estate in questo bellissimo paese d'Italia .. E 'veramente un piacere ascoltare la tua musica.

  • Awesome bass job! It must be hard worked with those heavy ones :P

  • Really cool:)

  • Good sound ! i m new here ! i follow ++