The Disguise

(Just Having Some Fun)

Not a final copy, please feel free to update and innovate. :D

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  • the rebellion isn't very succesful anymoer as it was when it first began. perhaps involving more popular members would help!

  • very nice.

  • anybody else wanna check this out?

  • o finish it....yeah im not good at that stuff lol

  • uploading it to what?

  • NOO!!!!

  • its already to Big for me to handle:(

  • meh, ill be getting off in 10 seconds. maybe this weekend if i have the time

  • anybody up for updating this?

  • bass hat snare hat bass hat snare hat bass hat snare UH TIS AH TIS UH TIS AH TI THIMP DO BAP DO THUMP DOBAP DO...CATCHY SIIIKK TRAAAAYYYAAAACCKKK

  • I'm on a rebellion song! :) quite the emotional moment