Cover of track The Endless Rhythm by SegmaSero
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SegmaSero, The Endless Rhythm


Okay, let me explain this one.

The main melody has two modes: Deep (deeper sounding) and Shallow (lighter sounding), and the 'heart monitor' sounds have four modes: Low Beep (sounds more like a time bomb countdown) A and B, and High Beep (the 'heart monitor') A and B. The A and B parts are different melodies (Low Beep A and High Beep A are the same melody for example).

So, I don't know which of these sounds better together, so 2 main beats times 4 'beeps' equals eight reps of different combinations (Both Deep and Shallow experience High and Low Beep part A and B, basically).

The song from beginning to end:

Deep Low Beep = DLB

Deep High Beep = DHB

Shallow Low Beep = SLB

Shallow High Beep = SHB

Part A = a

Part B = b


DLBa, DLBb, SLBa, SLBb, DHBa, DHBb, SHBa, and SHBb.

My favorite part is Deep High Beep B.

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