Welcome to WACKO'S CIRCUS!!! Come one and all! Welcome welcome. Our first act of the show is WACKO! With his circus-stimulating sounds, you are in for a treat! HEHEHE!!!

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  • thanks :D

  • nice one bro :D haha

  • Thanks hahaha

  • great one wacko wacko wacko $#^^&^&!@)(&%$% HAHAH

  • That's what I'm sayin!

  • dude your track is disturbing in a cool way hehe !

  • hahahahahahahahaha and thanks XDDD

  • nice mashups of the Audio tracks :)

  • HAHAA at 140 it sounds like a Clown F+++ing a balloon animal

  • Thanks for Posting this on my wall I dont want to miss your progression :) wow Dark :) thats a fucked up circus il bet they charge 100 dollars for a lolly pop. then Give you an enima instead UGH!