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    yeah its a great start :D i cant really say anything that hasnt already been said

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    Polygon Cube

    the beat is good, some of the synths could use a bit more presence (opinion), that return at 1.38 could be better placed, seems out of beat (somewhat), maybe wait one more bar then have it go. The ending sound could be closer. Any way to extend the Release of the last sound (and the others)? Sounds better if it drones for a bit at the last note.

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    I don't know where to start. Primarily because I don't know what exactly you want from the track. I could give you some suggestions if you specify more, or I can just tell you how great it is now. My artistic talent is limited to a bunch of ideas and then I lack the knowledge to complete them. What you have done so far on your track is very good indeed.

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    Santi Tenca

    cool man

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    udsinep (break)

    in this track is so much space.... help^^