The future when there is much war but some peace.

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  • Thanks ~ I know how to use the right sounds :3

  • Yes ! good track, good and hot synth and fx. Very cool HEXO.

  • good track

  • ...perhaps lower the volume of the lead or increase the volume of the lead (whichever you prefer, im not using my mixing/EQ headphones, so it might be me...) the rest is good though, the end could use a softer exit...but, again, im speaking from a personal stand idea would be to ask others :D

  • Alright my friend. Ill fix that and join up on the djing

  • hmm...the beginning seems a bit hectic, now i can only speak for myself, but i think that lowering the amounts of notes (or sounds) might be good. Define one of them well enough and have the rest as back up in that intro.

    As for the body, its good i can say, but that bass that enters at .38 seems to drown out the lead...

  • <~ tell me what sounds to take out