10 years later i found a free 3ds and got a game called pokemon omega ruby it was a remake of thge original game. i bought it and played it on the 3ds. then a profesor start talking about the world of pokemon.but then he said solomon dont mess this up. i was confused i said what the heck okemon game is this. im very judgmental but i kept playing my sprite was 11 or 12. but thru the game i got torchik but he looked sick. then my 3ds got a shortage. every month its shortage got bigger by the time i got to the elite four. i got requaza beat thge game but my groudon said to mt blaziken saying im the best pokemon i thought pokemon dont talk but they did. i had to choose between groudon or blaziken ichose blaziken then when i hooked the charger lightning hit my 3ds i quickly took my sd card and my game out but then the ds did not make it it got a shortage every were whoever has a 3ds please lrt me hve cause groudon is haunting me

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