Cover of track starfall. [1.5k] by synthonix
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synthonix, starfall. [1.5k]


well then, 1500.... what a fucking number :')

all i can say is thank you so much, and i'm really sorry for not being with you guys these past few months. shits been a bit tough with school and all, but im back on track now (yeah pun intended bitch) and oh bOY i have a fuckload of drafts ready to finish up ;)


can't really copy paste what i said for 1k but just imagine i have cuz thats too much to write hahahauhauhauhda ok ok


spent like what.. 8 months on this? progress was hella slow but im really happy with the result, and yes i know the transitions are beyond shit, and yes i know it clips into the 7th dimension but thats what makes it a synthy track tbh xD


of course, as usual, theres a couple bits and bobs that didnt make it into the track past the endbar, feel free to check it out or remix or whatever :)


have a great xmas even tho its the 23rd for me lol


foken enjoy my dudes, love you all <3

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