doing well?


i am


doing well.

inspired by Tulpa:

oh, and thanks to @tophat for that little trick that i found in our collab. i used it on the second high pluck synth thingy, splitting it off and running one signal through a rasselbock speed thingy with a flanger on end. its really nice. :)

... and this started out really simple but got complicated fast. i like it, but i think its TOO the future im going to write music that ISNT the best i can do, and i think that will give me more creative drive to see what i can do with it, if that makes sense.

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  • refav forever

  • Can I use ur music for a project? I'll credit you.

  • Can i use this in a video or game? I will of course credit you

  • haha your welcome, i will be making some more old amoeba-ish music again, i know i keep saying that but i do have it in plan. the reason why i abandoned this sort of stuff was cuz it was getting a bit formulaic for me, but ill definitely throw a new spin on these kinds of ambient tracks in the future. thanks :)

  • This track moved me to make Ambient, thanks you for it :)

  • refav 5ever <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • thank you, i will be making more atmospheric music :)

  • refav, still imho ur best

  • thank you! :)

    and really? thatd be cool! :)

  • Oooooh :))))

  • i can mix for you know

  • thank you for responding to my suggestion

  • thank you both! @<B L A N K> thats a great idea, its just its a pain to mix in AT...i could do it in a separate program but then it would be out of place in the mix. but thanks for the idea, i think thatd sound awesome. :)

  • sound quality is perfect. i like those crackles.