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  • man, this feels good........7 minutes and 10 seconds till infinity

  • God smackingly glorious!

  • Nice. Free muffin.

  • @Coeur The panning is really weird. I designed this for headphones though

  • The panning feels weird on my ears with headphones on. Did you design this for monitors?

  • Thanks guys :)

  • gorgeous!

  • those sh_120 loops work perfectly, I guess they are kind of the basis of this track, they kind of define the mood

  • tasteh

  • I might try that. Thanks!

  • Yeah that's very true. I've actually found that if you look for remix contests on the internet, you can find a lot of cool backing vocal tracks that help a lot with atmosphere. I'm just too lazy to import them into AT but I thought I'd give you the heads up if you're looking for some variety

  • Thanks!

  • love it!

  • Haha yeah. It's just so perfect for chopping and pitching. So until I find a better vocal sample, I use this for everything lol

  • Me gusta el rhodes... Also you love that celtic vocal don't you haha