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  • sounds awesome :)

  • KING DONT PLAY - KING LET PLAY: all togheter now .... clap your hands

  • beautiful you think original play the piano ? sond amazing ...:)

  • smoke that head stash !!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm FRESH !

  • of course I change it a little bit ... modification ... trust on your heart/ear not in words

  • oh really? i swear i could hear some changes lol, well ty then for publishing it again so more people could listen to it :)

  • I stole the piano no changes at all .... let the track ... original ... so better are the changes I dont have done ... very nice jam session thanks

  • wow this is really nice i love the changes you made :D

  • That is really nice! Everything fits well, and the title produced nice imagery in my mind =)

  • ma questa da schiffo fontana ... non mi piace :(

  • Happy new year KING !! :)

  • one of my favorite fontana tracks - loved it man really a beautiful piece you kind of go with piano like my style which is minimal - i do it because i find the sound so perfect in it's most undiluted and seminal form - great job :)

  • NAppy hew year

  • happy new year from the predator king

    connected with many great jazz funk music tekno sounds whtever however

    with joy ...

  • Happy New Year to U King, thanks for all the hard work and great music U provide your subjects. Thanks again:)