I have nothing to say

it has never come

it has never gone

maybe we are waiting for


but what will be the

summer now,

when we are fading

I know,

the sea is crying for us

because we won't kiss more

through the waves,

anyway I wish you can be happy,

as we were before,

I love you.

I hope I can see your smile again and that kind of girl that made me crazy about you... I really miss the girl you were before.

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  • excellent work :)

  • transitions..

  • I will explain how I see this track. When I did this I just finished my exams so the summer started but actually Litia isn't with me so I'm sad and for me the summer can be over anyway the meaning of the track is when you feel sadness and when the life change and it isn't like before... so I won't leave AT but a part of me have gone and it's Litia.

  • but it just started

    <3 this is wonderful

  • I'm just telling the history of someone who decided to make her own path...someone that was special to me but I need to say goodbye to her.

  • Great emotion. And dont leave man. or at least visit us from time to time

  • fantastic orchestration..<3

    so much warmth in this..

  • Thanks @iso. it's an honor if my music can bring you something special... I think that the music is for this.

  • But really man your music inspires me alot

  • i know right XD

  • hahaha I'm so far to leave AT @iso. :P

  • i know ur not hehe

  • ur going? :(

  • Goodbye.