this is the first single from j dog is thinking and chonoes from our album called trust amongst royalty 1/?

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  • Well that's not exactly drum and bass or Drumstep. It's sounding like old school laidback breakbeats. Drum and Bass usually keep it's BPM between 160 up to 190. Anything less than that or faster technically doesn't classify itself as Drum and Bass. Just saying. Now I like it cause its chillin and laidback but I think it's more like Lofi Breakbeats. Should be in a Coffee Shop, listening to music like this... LOL this track maybe around 160 on BPM, so Idk maybe it is DnB.. ??? LOL..

  • The beat reminds me of a Good Looking Records. The beat has a techno 80's feeling, or 90's

  • Bruh I'm so high rn. I just searched up John Gallagher thought. I spelt it right, but I didn't. Some random actor came up so I tried a different way and the same mf shows up. Then just realizes this mf doesn't exist at all...

  • Very nice

  • really dig what you got here, nice smooth breakbeats kinda thing. Mix is really clean. Only thing I'd say is I'd try to maybe break up the main block a little more with a few more musical/sonic layers or textures.

  • This hard

  • pretty good


  • Great ear candy! The track can get kind of repetitive on the first half though, along with better mixing of the new vocal at 01:22 . If you want to mix both vocals, I suggest you make the Morgan Freeman vocal muted slightly with the slope, along with a quasar to spice things up since then your overdoing the high end gain using the quantum.

  • This is fire

  • yes i think this is funny definitally