exploring sound & space with Heisenberg

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  • i made a huge joint just for listening to this album and be transported away

  • Song are so clean. This is perfect

  • Republished

    changed since the fix, not much different, trying to get 02 published but failing probably

  • I feel I rushed this with the excitement of the new tools, and should revisit it

    or maybe just start #02

  • great first m8 :)

  • Bellllllllllllisssssssssssssima!! :)

  • Totally cool and beautiful! :))

  • Great stuff!! :)

  • Love that extra heisen towards the end :)

  • Beautiful :D

  • love it! Ethereal and distant, nice

  • Its not a synth, its a freakn time machine! Awesome tune! @Tottenhauser y, FM-synthesis needs some special brain wires. Good to have presets...

  • As said before: shit shit shit! I need to tame this beast right now. The heissenberg will seperate the amateurs from the pro's. And im not to ashamed to say i'm an amateur ;)

  • wow................. epic is the word i think.