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synPH, Synthonix's Remix Competition(synPH entry


Hello Audiotool!

Hosting my second ever remix competition due to requests



1.) Must keep same chords and melody pattern, but you can shift the whole thing up or down a few semitones

2.) Feel free to make any genre!

4.) there is no rule 3

5.) Your entry may be of any length, because unlike others , i'm looking for quality, not quantity ;)

6.) What's the point in entering if you aren't going to have fun in the process? :)




1st: Follow from main and second account, Fave on ALL tracks (main account), Twitter shoutout, Audiotool wall promotion, winning track on my soundcloud, Severe bragging rights ;)


2nd: Follow from second account, Fave on 20 most popular tracks (main account), Audiotool wall promotion, Bragging rights XD


3rd: Follow from second account, Fave on 10 most popular tracks (main account), Moderate bragging rights

4th,5th: Fave on 5 most popular tracks (main account) Mild bragging rights

6th: Soz buddy c:


Deadline : July 1st 2015


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    about 4 years ago

    Nice bass!!!