This is a sad song. It isn't very complex.

The song features two personalities: a happy and sad one. The bassline and lead show the sadness on the inside. Whereas the tonematrix shows the happy exterior everybody shows. Letting the sadness out, is the only way to get past it all.

Edit-I made the lowest note in the bassline from a D# to a D.

I also added a a longer ending where the frequency dies down.

Edit- Wow, long description. anyways, i added a glide to the lead. lowered the volume on the tonematrix.

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  • btf?

  • btf

  • thx :D

  • follow u

  • great :)

  • OH! forgot to put this in the description, but i added a chorus to the bass, so anybody that heard in the the last 3 updates should re-listen this song. thx :D

  • YES! :D

  • Republished

    Edit-I added a chorus to the bass

  • You will always improve as long as you keep trying.

  • in less than 24 hours, this song got 18 likes. that's good, slowly my ability at designing music is improving

  • Very Coo!l

  • great work

  • AWESOME!! XD!! Thanks alot uprising. coming from a friend, that's awesome

  • if you do the Chorus dont put too much depth in it and set the spead Towards the middle

  • Hell Yeah !! i would suggest a chorus on the bass but that just taste this is a Solid trak ma8 Hands down your best