In a world without techno... ONE MAN. ONE VISION. He would bring hlecktronic music to the masses. He was... TECHNOLOGIQUE!!!


In this track, I spent a lot of time on working the synths and effects to get them sounding good. No shortcuts this time. I did my best to round out the complete song.


As for the drums and effects, most of the machiniste sounds were resampled from stock audiotool drum samples. For this I used the new "bounce" feature. (Very Useful)


Lastly, don't forget to check my profile for other great music, artists, and links to my audiotool tutorials!

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  • I Made a remix btw. its just the same thing with different sounds. I do NOT take creds for infythsions amazing work in ANY way.

  • I Follow :3

  • Amazing!

  • No remix on here gave credit to Infy :P

  • so cool!

  • The way you used the Bassline + Resonance = Impressed Guy! And the pulverisateur and Machiniste came along excellently VERY GOOD JOB! I'm Favouriting this!

  • dude im super impressed prob the best song i heard on audiotool!!!!

  • Im lovein the tempo/beat/trance effect u got goin on here, awesome some <3

  • Gods will recognize the true artists, fucking good track !!

  • i know i faved this years ago.. did it get deleted? ive had this one on my ipod for a long time

  • swag

  • the waveform for this is messed up o.0' play through the end, do you see it?

  • BTF love for the track

  • this lost all favorites ?? need love :)

  • great panning!