-Aura: Invited these two plebs to a draft a while back, they are something special. Thanks to y'all for helping me make this possible ;0 <3

-Opi: god this was so much fun to work on nd i really wish we could've done more but the draft got a lil too big haha. until next time ig <3

-Mae: he didn't type anything...friggin plebbin loser ~aura

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  • muse cover

  • nice snapshot

  • is it just me that finds the drums too loud? i mean, this is fucking fire, but is it just me cuz no one else mentioned it...

    • i agree with you for the hats & snare for sure! Odd that you are the first to notice this, but it’s appreciated <3

  • it feels empty but so full and roomy i love it

  • f for mae

  • x-x

  • back then there was no dove there was MAESTREX

    • No, there was still dove, lmao

    1 more
  • mmm

  • wew tb

  • Ayyyyeeee

  • plz open remix

    • i wish i would be able to open the original track but my laptop is potato

    • There would be no point in opening remixing since this is a rendered out draft. However, I can invite you to the original draft so you can have accessible privileges but you'd have to render out your remix on your own

    • ya

  • i cant get enuf of the piano tho

    also refav cuz y the fuk not

  • ty for 200 :)

  • And BTW, Aura and Opi make a great collaboration.

  • Is it just me or on 1:16 the lead sounds like "I got the keys, keys, keys"? xD (Love the song doe)