I guess I finished it after all.

Huge thanks to Kryptic, he's really talented and I'm glad I got to work with him on this track. Follow him if you haven't already!

Listen to both drops, they're different.

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    hahaha here we go

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    my manager is looking for artist to sign and you are good if you would like to get signed (link is only visible to registered users) message here and we w ill get back to you

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    You two need to collab again pls

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    how are you so good DX i wanna be that good

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    BRO i love your music!!!!!!!!!!!

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    REMIX CONTEST - LM35.org

    The 1st drop was really cool.

    But the 2nd drop... damn... Those bass presets tho...

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    Holy crap this is wayy too good. Frikkin' amazing job!

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    VISIA-on soundlcould only

    how did u guys even make that wtf how. thats amazing xD

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    Fucking what

    This is crazy

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    I'm sensing a Teqtoniq X Kryptic EP. Anyone else?

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    I wanna kry. So bootiful....

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    This is amazing but can't help but keep feeling that the drop's too messy and muddy or am I the only one?

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    Love this melody!

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    And from the ashes of audiotool.... one producer arose. And he did not give up, for he could see himself in his mirrors, he could see his colors, he had his lights, and now he went with titanic because he could.

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    Tylerneverdies (remixes)

    i came