Cover of track The Age of Computers is Dying (hellomyremix) by dtmm (old: hellomynameis)
  • about 6 years ago
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dtmm (old: hellomynameis), The Age of Computers is Dying (hellomyremix)


i said i was going to remix this....then started doing other projects, so i just threw this together just to put out there.....not very good......the beginning's alright (actually somewhat finished) and the rest is crap......anyone with patience can take my version and make it good sounding........

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    Loud Software about 6 years ago

    Nice Remix!!

    I also thought that the original was a bit too short so I made my own (not quite finished) and just want to ask people if they want to check it out, (I'm still learning and figuring out what I can do out of this amazing software, so judge me as a beginner)

    Anyways, AWESOME!!

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    thedoctor about 6 years ago

    not bad, not bad at all. need to hear original now.

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    dylanm312 about 6 years ago

    really nice! thanks for remixing - will probably help me get some more exposure

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    dtmm (old: hellomynameis) about 6 years ago

    thanks comatoast!! credit to dylanm312 for the original track and whoever upload the samples

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    Comatoast about 6 years ago