It's finished! DONE! Finally, The Ballad Of Belody; Suite.

After hours of hardwork. We did it, an intro, Outro, Bridge, (Saxophone cuz' it sounded good, and other stuff, NO REMIXES! Don't even try. Unless you have a doughnut or a Pizza to share with Belody or me.

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    about 4 years ago

    Great one!

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    ❙❚dĴΛϒ ❖ diΛm✠ndLΙFΞ❚❙

    about 5 years ago


    Changed it up a bit, Some fine-tuning wil be mae, iIthink. It still is a good mix of sounds. xD

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    Belody (Irrelevant)

    about 5 years ago

    Just a simple little thing haha