Cover of track The Emotional Deliberations of Mr. Skull by KNIFEself
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KNIFEself, The Emotional Deliberations of Mr. Skull


"It's only me

and no one else.

Diving in deep

on my dear self-pity,

I bid goodbye to this world

Reality isn't here,

Cause I'm done

Please, let my body float


Can't deny

I was born to lose and try

If I ever win this fight

It will be the end, tonight

I won't cry,

I'm just gonna live this lie

If I ever own this night

It will be the end and I'll be fine

I can laugh,

I can fake,

I know even how to interact

I pretend

That I'm one of you

But there's nobody to save me


Somethings don't change

Maybe I'm one of them.

To every rule there is an exception

What is out there?

No one answer

Guess the line is dead

So it's only me"

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