Cover of track The Hassenfeld Tribe -  Theme Song (Demo) by last minut35
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last minut35, The Hassenfeld Tribe - Theme Song (Demo)


First of all, have a #HappyNewYear folks!

Second, this is a theme song for the three-way crossover fanfic series "The Hassenfeld Tribe: Helios' Protégées", which combines characters and concepts from some of Hasbro's franchises (if you don't know what is a hasbro, google "Hasbro" - it's a major toy-maker like its competitor Mattel), mainly Transformers, G.I.Joe and (beware) My Little Pony.

Note that this isn't the complete theme song, it's just a mere "demo" and might be reworked/revisited in the future.

Feedback is appreciated, and don't forget to share this song if possible.

That's it, guys. See you later, and have a happy 2014! -lm35/375

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