Very, very experimental.

I made some little changes in the drums, volumes etc. I couldn't think of more variatons on the melody, maybe later.

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  • very very nice... <3 :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Ur soundscapes and cinematic tracks are Ur best...

    that's creepy how talented U R!!!!

  • Awesome :)

  • love the ambiance Very well done

  • Nice work Olaf, keep it up!

  • Thanks, well I got that problem too sometimes, but when I feel I'm stuck on a track I never published it, I just delete it and start with something new. You just can't force creativity, it just happens you know. I never work on more than one track at the time, I need to focus on one at the time. If I feel that a track works when I'm starting with I go on, if it doesn't I delete it or keep it as a draft. That's how I work (:

  • This is really nice Olaf. You always surprise me with the sensitivity of your sound and music to be so young (judging by your photo). You put a lot of thought and feeling behind what you do. I like that. Me? I think too much and drag something out till I just want to get it published and move on. I'm trying to remedy that by working on multiple tracks at the same time. Thus far it's working for me as although I haven't published anything, I also don't feel compelled to rush anything either. Do you do the same?

  • Very good atmosphère, Olaf

  • yes yes... well known that I have a sort of prejudice for tracks made ​​with the samples .... but when are cool like yours ... I have to change my mind :)

  • Thanks mate, that means alot hearing that from you (: I feel like there's a taboo when it comes to using samples but if you use them right and edit them you can definitly make something your own out of it I think. Thanks again Farcio and the rest!

  • you really are one of the few.. who can combine and mix samples creating original tracks !! that's a real talent!

    like the vinyl distortion click clack :)

  • this is great!

  • Some day I'll be good like you hopefully :D

  • this is so beautiful! definitely a cool idea, well played out. i just love it!

  • excuse me! sorry to butt into this conversation! This by- passed my attention somehow! keep doing what you enjoy Olaf! This is very tranquil ! :) ( o.k you can continue now)! :)