Cover of track The Legend of Zelda {Elixtrixx remix} by ∆STRØ
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∆STRØ, The Legend of Zelda {Elixtrixx remix}


I got really bored, so I decided to recreate a Logend of Zelda song. This was REALLY DIFFICULT to make again from the harmonies and different rhythms of it. I wanted it to sound like the original zelda game and i think i did an alright job.

NOTE: I will give you a shoutout on my next track if you favorite this. comment on this song after favoriting it saying "shoutout" or saying "please give me an shoutout on your next track" or however you like.

Thank you and enjoy! {I think this track Is BEAST}

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    about 6 years ago

    I shure can!

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    about 6 years ago

    Hey, Could you make this available for download? I can't listen to it in my browser.