And now for something completely different... ( Exploring Audiotool )

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  • Very cool :) Thx :)

  • In the meantime let's play this one once more ;)

  • wish Alan would publish something again :]

  • Aaah! So still loving this one

  • Usually I don't see images when listening to music, but this time, it really tells stories

  • Wow, it totally does remind me of Aphex. Love it!

  • Reminds me of Aphex!!!!

  • Me LIKE :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) <---------------- Butt chin (:

  • as i always say different is good man, I love different :)

  • Great construction. Love the way you've used the vinyl crackle to great effect and the glitchy effects.

  • Woah, crackle bass. That's awesome.

  • the low bit rate is very bassy... good song tho

  • great !

  • Republished

    Just some very small changes...

  • Great track with some very good FX