people out there i pray for the world and all it's problem there are people that wish they could make music ,there are people that wish they could come to amreica and live as a american, there are love one's that are long and gone this people we need to pray for to keep there family strong and healthy just like Mr.GoodCat said like us that are alive right now we get to live and see graduation but them people that are not here with don't get to see that amazing day in there live and i agree with Mr.Good cat don't you dare die on me this is serious stuff man you died you can't do anything you only have on live use it wisely don't just take it way by your own hand you time will come when it come don't loose the sight of one's self because of another don't, Be yourself be right please son't do it people are here to support all of you know to go back to the main thing people who need money don't pass them up and just stare at them on the road give them some money so they can suvivie to they have the same right as all of us to live life as well people we all can be apart of something big if everyone cooperate with one another and that's it (Crying) seriously though this track is not to get favs this track is mainly motivation to the people who don't really have a life peace and enjoy the track Love you all no matter who you are peace and enjoy the O'Leaf Prayer(Original Motivation Mix)

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    Lil' Bassie*

    about 5 years ago

    Good spoken word Rude