started off with the pulv making a cool chant like sound. I new I had to use it in a track and built the track around that one pulv.

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  • wow, still cant believe I made this. the chant voices were all from pulverisateur experiments.. would like to say high to all of the audiotool brothers.. best website ever created..

  • interesting work here :)

  • dark work done here cool

  • I like when more hard, but this work i liked too :)

  • I really like this song it's very good :D

  • Really nice work

  • BTF

  • BtF !!

  • :)

  • yeah I like whats going on here, vocal pulv sound is awesome, , great work :)

  • this is so sik man

    nice drums

  • the templet is up for the chant like pulve, I think it need a filter after the delay.

  • thanks everybody, uprising, danielgruba, DJSIMPLEX, Layo, 808chuck, Codex, Comatoast, tornsage, white grizzly, sbronz, the Alchemist , Box of Pandore, Yafee?, ntjon and rabbit1982, for the positive influence you all have given me,

    Uprising the BTF is awesome,

  • look at that 50 hits in less then a day hell yeah! just listened to it again i really like it!!! BTF

  • I really like it! Nice atmosphere. Nice variations... I liked the cover too!