Cover of track the weather outside is frightful by raymoo
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raymoo, the weather outside is frightful


DEADLINE: 01 . 01 . 17 00:00 GMT

Last year 100+ entries were entered into the competition. Can we get even more this year?

Click the remix button on this track and make a track of any genre. Do no use the loop in this track.

The track's will be judged on a few major catogories:

1. Musicality and Tonality

2. Production Values

3. New and Interesting techniques used in both production and composition.

This competition is about having fun and pushing audiotool to see what it is capable of. Do not shy away from this competition if you are new to audiotool because setting yourself challenges is a sure way to improve. I encourage everyone to be active in the comments and to offer words of advice to one another so that we can all learn something from this.


1. For a track to place in the "top 3" it must be made entirely with audiotool's synths, tools, samples and effects.

2. If another DAW is used partially or completely then the track may still make it into the "honourable mentions" catogory.

3. Last year there were cases of rudeness in the comments between entries - any arguments in the comments or unpleasant behaviour will result in a disqualification.

4. The deadline is 01 . 01 . 17 00:00 GMT. If a track is submitted at any point after the deadline then it cannot be guaranteed to receive a fair judgement.

Useful information:

There are a team of 5 independent judges this year. Apart from myself, none of these judges are active in the audiotool community and will therefore not be biased.

All the judges are on music production, audio engineering and acoustics degrees at university and will be putting their knowledge into the judgements.

As with last year, there will be a prize (however, I will need to sort this out).

There were a few problems with handing out the prizes last year, if you are still awaiting your prize please accept my apology and contact me through my soundcloud at (link is only visible to registered users) .

Thankyou everyone,

Let's make this another great competition.


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    about 3 years ago


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    heartize (melonade)

    about 3 years ago

    Super intricate. Needs more attention.

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      about 3 years ago

      Watch the volume man. I think it sounds allot better when u turn the master volume some dB down.

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      f o u r t y 4

      about 3 years ago

      don't listen to him vvvv this is fucking beautiful

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      about 3 years ago


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      about 3 years ago


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      about 3 years ago

      ayo erase annoying OG description. and you're killing me w this holy wow

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      about 3 years ago

      Damn this distortion is amazing omfg

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      about 3 years ago

      holy dICK