LISTEN TO THE (VASTLY SUPERIOR) ORIGINAL TRACK BEFORE YOU FAVORITE THIS SONG - this is merely an edit. The orginal song is Anhydrous's, and he deserves nearly all of the credit.


Explanation: This is an edit for the purposes of my WIP remix of Anhydrous' killer track "Time and Time Again." This edit sounded different enough from both the remix I'm going to make and the original that I wanted to save it separately, and for some reason I couldn't save this remix as a template. I'm doing the best I can to avoid stealing credit.

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  • Read the description.

  • robbed

  • your bass - it's goooooooooood - nice one :)

  • @Dis_pLAy - Thank you! And I always have a hard time naming my tracks, I might do that one day, haha.

  • Grazie! Sebbene la maggior parte della lode appartiene a Anhydrous.

  • you should make a song called Monimal By Nominal :)

  • I am going to fave this because i like the original and I like your honesty

  • Davvero molto bella........... :-)