Cover of track Time will never find us here by sky bound zoo
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sky bound zoo, Time will never find us here

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In a reoccuring dream

I lead children into space,

feeding thier imagination with the reality of vivid stars and colors unseen

in each variation of the dream, is a cadet-blue sky outline with a salmon pink afterglow,

warmth accompanied by the dream's bittersweet end

a cozy conversation with an old friend

on the rooftops of a sleeping city

our gaze fixed on infinity

if only i could paint and capture the colors,

but for now, these sounds will do,

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    pendragon `', about 9 months ago

    you have such a beautiful mind

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    VIVIDVISION about 9 months ago


    the atmosphere on this one.

    the description for this fits well....

    I still wonder what goes through your mind that sparks your hazy creativity,

    your music has an emotion of its own.

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    super deformed about 1 year ago


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    sim about 1 year ago

    Who knew 200 bpm could be so chill

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    opi about 1 year ago

    such a poet