Tomorrow, Tomorrow there's always Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tomorrow there's always Tomorrow

Inspired by Rameses B

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  • Hello, this song is great, do you have copyright? Can I use it for YouTube without problems? I love!

  • this is really nice. love the fluttery background synth.

    to me it sounds like you've made some great progress understanding the fundamentals of structuring melody and chords and just an entire palette of sounds in general. pretty exciting actually, there are so many different dimensions into which your music can grow now (with such solid ground underneath you). I would say the most important thing at this point is to really dig into chord types.

    • it only helps to make things immediate :) even now with a keyboard i still just use my ears and fiddle with midi notes until it fits what idea i have in my head

    • I am excited to experiment. Just got a keyboard, which helps

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  • this is weird. the sounds, the rameses b inspiration, the track title "tomorrow" (one of my old track names), the vibe etc. it all reminds me of when i was developing some of my older music hahaha. thanks for the nostalgia trip

    • Thats one of the greatest compliments I have received. Any comparison to you <3

    • I love that track by you! Its my favorite you've made

  • Thanks guys :) <3

  • this spamming kid has the same amount of faves as me on this, pisses me off people can just play the charts

    • sorry about that. Truly love your music ill do it way less often sorry.

  • I really like this song keep up the good work! definitely adding to my playlist of songs to listen to!

  • will fix vocal and or the little bass. Also trying some panning on different sounds.

  • (1/2) Hey Fluent, thanks for your message on my wall. I like the lo-fi vibe here. The low-end is very good. The distorsion sounds also just right. Some suggestions: The vinyl crackle should be stereo, like real crackle (different pops and cracks on L and R). In mono it just disappears when the track becomes busy. The high end of your drums (hat and snare/clap) sounds a bit distant, in the background. It could be level or EQ, but I'd bring it "closer" to the listener.

  • (2/2) You can also be more experimental with pan positions. Lo-fi usually benefits from unconventional panning. Same for reverb and delay. In lo-fi they are more "instruments" than effects, so you can get more creative and extreme with them. For example in your vocal. I hope that this was useful. Note: I agree with ollie, there's a dissonant voice in there. But this is a song-writing issue, not a mixing one.

  • summer beat fs, nice one

  • great feedback on this, ily guys!

  • <3

  • I really love the atmosphere !

  • This is something i'd want to send to majestic casual

  • Beautiful track!