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  • you rule brah :D

  • Nice one .

  • very interesting track :D

  • i like the atmosphere...makes me feel frantic and futuristic...great track

  • Great job and i did listen to the sounds that gave birth to the fluid movement:)

  • nice one :D

  • Thank you! I was going to get really crazy, extend the track a bit. Couldn't shake the feeling that this was it. Really, it seemed like I sat on this forever, but I only created this late Monday early Tuesday. I don't know if I've ever experienced that before. If I have, it's few and far between.

  • are you going to put it in for the contest of affect club? if i went to a club, this would be the affect i would prefer to hear. very carefully. awesome always ESJ. (i'm still ABD on my PhD in listenology) :)