Cover of track Trill-Pix and Waveform  - WW3 (Kyropractic Resurrection) by KyRoPracter
  • about 3 years ago
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KyRoPracter, Trill-Pix and Waveform - WW3 (Kyropractic Resurrection)


Trill, love this track man! Had to do a remix :) it has Drumstep in it quite a bit, since I'm best with drums. - Xaber


I've been dying to hear some of Trills originals for sometime now, stumbled on this remix tonight. No offense meant to you Xaber or your work, but I tried my best to restore it back to what it was originally. There is only one sound I can't figure out where it fits, but it's fine without it lol. And thank you Xaber for doing the remix in the first place, kept Trills work alive :)

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