0:00 - 0:24 _ My track "Somethin' Glitchy"

0:26 _ The Snare

So the first thing to do is to click remix so that you can follow along more easily. But make sure you read this, don't simply copy the patch - you want to learn something after all.

Drag in a Machinist and start taking to the sample library for a few nice snares. I have a "Tom" which occupies the mid range, a "snare" which occupies the high end, another snare which occupies the high-mid range, and an acoustic snare which occupies the low-mid range. Don't go for too bassy a snare, or youll muddy up the mix in the low end.

Add an EQ and boost around 250hz (i chose 283hz in this example). Gain all the way up to 18dB and a Q of 72%.

Now take each sample and adjust the pitch of each snare until you hear it resonate ( example of me adjusting the pitch till it resonates at 0:36 ). Different samples will resonate at different pitches so this is just a case of twisting till you find the right pitch.

Also take parameter 2 and boost the high end at 6500hz by 2dB with a Q of 54% to bring out the brightness.

Add a compressor, bring the threshold down to 30%, the ratio to 1: 2.79 , leave the post gain where it is, change the attack to 32ms and the release to 296.8ms. (i will do a tutorial on how the compressor works in the near future)

This is where its easier to click remix and see, than me just tell you.

Add a splitter:

1st Output _ No effects, just drag straight into a minimixer.

2nd Output _ add a TubeDistortion. Put the drive at 100%. From the tube hook up a stereo imager and change it to -6% mono and the tone at 66.67 % to stop the stereo from muddying up any stereo effects later on. Drag to channel 2 on a minimixer.

A reverb can be added to the aux section of this minimixer and combined with the channel 1 signal, but that is optional.

Finally, another minimixer, with an Exciter added to the aux section. 100% Power, and adjust the tone till the snare resonates (29% here), put the dry wet at 73%.

On that minimixer put the "Aux 1 & Aux Return" up all the way

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