Sounds rubbish on my speakers but quite banging on my headphones. Strange beat to this, I was quite tempted to just call it compression as everything is compressed so much.

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  • absolutely chilling to the core.

  • Wow I missed that (AT radio is really usefull =) )I love the sounds you made in this one, and great beat too...

  • amazing

  • yeah!!! love it i am a bit behind on this one id have def listened sooner amazing track got a fairly new one up myself when you get a second :)

  • man, this is so sick. really, wonderful fresh tune id love to listen / party to in the clubs. and for kick + snare, maybe just choose other samples, cause they really sound a bit weak compared to the rest.

  • nice beat i like the clap in the start where it like leads up to it.

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  • Nice horror sound to this one.

  • :)

  • I feel like I should £buy some better headphones just so I can hear this properly, I know it's a 'mid - brain tickler' :) !

  • Excellent! Extraordinary beat.

  • played this in the lab with some other AT selections and they are all aghast "that's free shit?" ...i say yes but it should be pay per listen :D !!! great great track and it sounds awesome on our lab sys

  • my dog is panting to the beat lol its awsome

  • good work tyburn i guess i didn't hear this before today glad i found ti :)

  • i thought i faved this one already HMM

  • BTF