Cover of track TwoSworded - Satsui no hadou [Read Desc.] by Two-Sworded
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Two-Sworded, TwoSworded - Satsui no hadou [Read Desc.]


Wait! Before you get upset I HAD to make this a clip. Just like Ritual this is too much for my pc to take so i'm going to finish/pub them both on monday (Unless someone would like to publish them for me but I want to change up the second drops so chances are you're gonna have to wait till monday.)

Yeh so we're back to not riddim ,not my old style of dubstep either , but just a new ting here. I got some new HEADphones(not ear phones so i'm getting used to them and they costed ALOT). I love getting vocal from stuff so be ready for more of that. I was going to wati till I finished my EP(Q & A EP) But I wanted some feedback as well as the tracks will be on the EP like Omnipotent, Circumstances,Answers, and Questions if I pub that one before I pub the EP but it's my first mainy melodic (I have some deep dubstep on there too like A Million Miles of Space) so i'm kinda pumped for it.

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