hi :) been waiting to drop this song for about a year now? SO HAPPY it's finally out! working on an EP called "blanche" and this is the second single for it, i hope you enjoy


thank you all for the continuous love and support, i wouldent be the person i am today without u <3


out now on spotify, apple music, etc:

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  • One of my favs up there with Ghosts and Out of the Box

  • Such a glitchy vibe I love it so muchhhhhhh

  • Ngl ur voice sounds hot with this kinda vibe sheeeeesh

  • The best lack all conviction, the worst are glad they don't have it

  • crust noises

  • ...

  • e .

  • oh. yeah. bro's definitely gonna make it big one day

  • 3rd week at #1

  • refav

  • sheeesh

  • I really hope you choose to make more songs like this one.

    This is, in my opinion, one of your best. It reminds me of a crossover of one of the more "traditional" rap songs that you've made -- like Roughriders or Never Piss Off a Po9t 2 -- combined with a more slow song like Overwhelmed. I know maybe you don't feel like this is a new era for you, but I feel like you are really coming into your style and I personally really love this kind of thing from you.


    • I'll be waiting :)

    • It’s honestly one of my personal favs 2 and I’m glad u feel the same way :) I have a lot more music in this lane I’m excited to get out


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  • dope production man

  • the production on this is really good, wow.