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  • Tbh I don't feel the song

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  • it's at 99 👀

  • we this me just in donig mind you 2:18 now gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let pro 863


    • are u high or something?

  • c half sharp

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  • So intricate.

    The melody is so complex and fits so well.

    The movement and energy of the song is carried throughout it's so good.

    Love the different feels and genres. 3:40m had a jazzy vibe that fit amazingly.

    Ahhh the piano. (writing this as I listen lol)

    OH 4:40 BEST PART

    my adhd brain like so much.

    That ending is just *chef's kiss*

  • Love u guys for this


  • Went from "woot woot" to "bust a move " to epic synth solo to wub wub wub back to woot woot

  • really intricate and cohesive, awesome job

  • Honestly a masterpiece. For me maybe not in an emotional lane, but the technical mastery is exemplary right here. This is written in bold in the AT history books for me.

  • dang i can already tell who did who just from the bass and melodies alone lol

    • I can hear everyone's involvement too. The snare rolls and basses are reminiscent of leadenshrew. Song structure, solos and complicated leads are a very kiari thing imo, but a lot from that is also etterath. 03:30 seems to be etterath's part on the rhodes. Complextro is also the kiari lane. That's what I'm hearing. If I got it wrong you can publicly shun me lmao.

    • shit

      well, i tried

    • wrong

      therefore what tf

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  • groovy I like 🔥

  • I need to hear this in my car

    • heard it in the car. it's so clean!

  • 1:42 I nearly pissed myself with excitement