never contact leadenshrew or syntax if you want any beats



poet: suck my pp


Naswalt: i got a small cock and it hurts when my wife pegs me





Fuck on your feelings like i'm Shulk

Yea I'm really feelin it

I aint even play super smash

I just get angry and quit

Empty out your fridge

I ain't tollerate your dairy

Blowin up your bathroom with a (stick?)

it's legendary

moderate on discord like i own (adaka makra?)

Throwing up my signs like i concentrate my my Chakra

You don't even know me why you bitches throwing shade?

watermark my beat but i ain't ever getting payed



Infinity stoned like im uzi

Bitch you aint getting no coochie

I know your bitch wanna do me

But i cannot fuck with a groupie

I'm a diverged at 2 roads

call me Robert frost my neck froze

I'ma hot mess with a hot flow

I'ma sad boi in-


I kinda wish

life was bitch

and i could go fuck all my problems

Hop in a wraith

drive outta state

i dont got time for the drama

I kinda pray

that all these fakes

dont start beliving in karma

I am so stressed

I am depressed HA

Hakuna Matata


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