Cover of track Undertale: Megalovania - remix (ft. LilDJ15) by XculE
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XculE, LilDJ15, Undertale: Megalovania - remix (ft. LilDJ15)


"It's like adding ketchup to your pizza Dillon." -LilDJ15 2016

Here's another remix coming right at you! This remix is SOOOOOO amazing!!! XD I don't play Undertale or, know that much about it but, the sound tracks for the game are awesome! I had my best friend, LilDJ15, come and help me with this remix, or I came over to his house :3, plus he loves playing the game. He did most of the drum parts, getting all the sound effects from the game to here, and I basicully did everything else :3 I would also love to thank, Toby fox, for making all the sound effects avaible for us to use and for making this awesome game! xD

Wub on!

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