Messy, but finally a full track. First time trying repetitive traditional xavrockbeats electro.

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  • just awesome

  • <3

    • the chord and mid melody work is so good

  • Still listen to this song all the time so spectacular great job. T^T So beautiful

  • WOW man this is awesome, the drop sounds so crisp and the bass...woah

  • Really heroic, determined feel to this one :) Should be in a game or film trailer or something

  • Turn on the strobe light. Now.

  • did here* xD

  • dude, when you can make mid melodies within chords like you did hear, along with bass, highs, chords.... it's talented layering

  • yeah @ollie this guys layers are insane.

  • Beautiful melodies and chords. How you guys get your kinda pumping drops. Those synths are so hard to fucking layer

  • refav..

  • lux this is amazing!

  • Damn luxior... you actually are perfect at every genre, Electro, ambient, dubstep, chiptune, and house.... what the fuck. Jesus.