This is about a person who decides to do something in the briefest of moments but ends up enjoying the taste of blood in the process, in the snow.

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  • BD bad a

  • and in between those fun turns... i make a lot of noise... a lot. of. noise.

  • Ha, I pretty much work the same way. For me the most exciting point is that first unexpected turn that you never knew you never knew you really wanted to take musically. But then, its there. And now you're in the mix. I think its because I rely heavily on my ear unless I'm transcribing directly from a preformed composition. My ear doesn't predict very far ,it just says "Yes" or "No" to what my brain does foolhardidly (<--- not a word).

  • you know i see what you are saying ...i build around a "seed" that inspires such as a melody or a looming pad or even a voice clip or sound ...the creating is the fun part - always i get depressed after releasing a track until i have something to work on


  • haha, i put it together like this: 1 - try to make a consistent bass. 2 - Add in a melody. 3 - notice song sounds kind of spooky. 3 - jeffhargraves says it foreboding. 4 - try to add knifesounds/robot calling you a murderer 5 - Dustin says vocals are odd 6 - agree 7 - remove 90% of the stuff on the timeline, but leave most of the hardware for aesthetics. 9 - decide that i like it, but want to do more with it.

  • very stark - i would add a pad but maybe stark was your intention

  • would like to see how you put it together :)

  • thanks :)

  • like this, awesome!!!!!

  • the vocals are odd; kinda cool to listen to the sounds

  • thanks msm, running through your spam train was pretty helpful yesterday

  • nice one :D

  • how do you slow things down? I don't know how to do that :(

  • i was actually talking about the tonematrix, default settings, but this is awesome too! i hear subtle stuff!! sounds awesome!!! its getting better near the end!

  • nice fx!