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  • you know what this track has been my #4 popular track of all time and hasn't moved since it dropped, i actually have some weird new found respect for this still holding that title

  • refav

  • wait what didn't I faved this yet? :/

    • probably because it's hidden lol

  • [redacted]

    • uh oh did he say the naughty [redacted] word

  • ooooh those drums.

  • this is nice

  • honestly if this continues to grow, i'm gonna have to re-visit it and extend the mix for all you guys

    • yeah i'll have to extend it later next week if i get some free time

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  • Imma be honest. Ive never heard ur tracks before but i listened to a few and they re really good. (No offense, but the only reason i saw this was cause it charted. Im happy I saw it tho!) :)

    • that's fine i know how the site works, since publising this i've had multiple people come and say this was the first thing that they listened to from me, i've had this happen before...thanks for appreciating and looking back at my other stuff too :P

  • Oof the bass is niceee

  • nios

  • love it.

  • bruh i thought i faved this what

  • oh, this got big

  • Nice!

  • This is good stuff