You didnt know that i wanted to be close to you

You didnt know that Ill do this all for you

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  • ill fix this

  • throwback

  • 6k plays exactly! Lol

  • god this is such a cool track

  • refav <3

  • grats on #1

  • 100 like <3 thanks for supporting my feelings

  • I like this better than my track. this could be a hit, dude.

    I hope it passes it <3 you don't realize how good your production and writing is.

  • #1 of the week! you guys are gonna make me cry fr...

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  • heyo

  • oh my

  • very very nice intro

    • some of these breaks are godly

  • amazing use of vocals also I love those little squares as well as the chords

  • love

  • Republished

    last repub for fuck sake