Attempting to break away from my usual dubstep style with this track. It's kind of... weird. Not really club dubstep. But I hope you like it anyways. It's kind of silly.


As well, I have a little less time to make songs now that I am going to school. Rest assured I will still be making music anyways, so keep checking back!

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  • I think I can recognize Bill Nye's voice in this, even when slowed down. There is a specific way Bill Nye speaks and it is so identical to the way the voice in this song speaks that it reminds me of him. Infyuthsion, did you record Bill Nye, slow it down, and paste it in this song?

  • how do you make some notes softer than others?

  • Really Nice :D

  • really likes Cookie Monsta

  • OMD@S this is LUSH

  • omg! this is awesome! Great Job! Uh Oh Virus Attacking! gtg!!!!! ^_^

  • This is great.

  • Kind of reminds me of Knife Party's Centipede with those vocals, but the song itself sounds nothing like it :p amazing masterpiece

  • Hehe!! Nice track!!! Also learned some velocity use here!

  • Very strong resemblance of Dr. Mario :)

  • The drop on this is perfect :)

  • i love the velocity changes in the plucked notes :)

  • :) Love this

  • Oh, by the way, how do make some notes lighter than others?