Cover of track low fidelity remix by dayt๏day
  • about 10 months ago
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dayt๏day, low fidelity remix


Decided it would be fun to experiment with a different genre. I'll be honest, I'm actually really proud of this thing. Even though it's just a remix, I'm still really proud of what I made with this. Maybe when I finish that ambient album, I'll start experimenting around with other genres a little more, because I'm frankly starting to get a little bored with making ambient and super melodic and melancholic stuff. I feel like a little change in what I make can't hurt anybody.

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    about 10 months ago

    Omg! So chill, very soothing to the ear, this is great!

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    desiree smpl

    about 10 months ago

    damn work

    i liked so much