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  • Nice one !

  • i love it

  • I just wrote three different songs on this and no i wont be posting them because im insecure.....

  • i just wrote a song listening to this beat

  • could use some low end and a bit less quantized drums but i like this a lot

  • reverse guitar <3

  • Zzzzzzzz yeah man ;) so cozy...

  • Beautiful as usual

  • ok but the reverse in the intro is so moody. I love it.

    Love the xylo, the static sways in a way that makes it warm. the perc in the bridge is fucking perfect. idk maybe angrid is right about the sharpness of the hats, but tbh thats subjective

    title is a mirror for the mood in this, great cover too

    • real instruments always add the special touch. Especially here because the reverb affects different notes differently

    • its totally cool tho, its a vibe

    • thank you. I really should work more on the hats :)