Cover of track Rush Sounds [Sketch] - Cal Lycus Remix by Cal Lycus
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Cal Lycus, Rush Sounds [Sketch] - Cal Lycus Remix


After listening to the dnb mix audiotool popped out, I had to remix a Teqtoniq track.

It's not perfect, but yeah, this is what came to mind. I wanted to make the intro a little funkier but it just wasn't working and still keeping the original vibe, so ended up with what it is now.

I don't think I did much to the original bass sound design wise, added a sub, one new bass, some atmos sounds, changed up how the white noise worked and when it played, possibly made a small adjustment to the "rush" synth too.

And of course It's half-time so the drums needed a little reworking. Especially after a tempo drop.

What I noticed, was for some reason the side-chain compression wasn't hooked up to the right stuff, so wasn't actually happening. So I fixed that too.

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    about 5 months ago

    daaaamn that's a thicc bass

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      Cal Lycus

      about 5 months ago

      If I remember correctly most of the bass sound design credits go to TEQTONIQ, I think.

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    about 5 months ago

    Interesting bass

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    about 11 months ago

    Nice remix man. Really like the progression